Welcome to the hunt camp

The door is open. Come in before you let the bugs in. 

Exclusive Content

Hunt Camp lads get the funniest content in hunting sent right to their emails. Share it with a buddy, to remember the time he missed that giant at 30 yards. Too soon? 


Receive 'Bucks' for purchases, referrals, and social sharing. Redeem your 'Bucks' for discounts and free product. 

Member-only Deals

The lads receive first look at new product, flash sales, and exclusive member only discount codes. 

a little something for the lads in camp


  • EARN

    Receive 5 'Bucks' for every $1 spent on CATCHINDEERS.com. Thats equivalent to 5% back on every purchase

  • SAVE

    There is no expiry or forced spending your 'Bucks'. Let em Go and Let em Grow, as they say... Come to think of it, we've never been big on that idea.  


    100 'Bucks' = $1

    Redeem at any time, on any product, no restrictions. 

How to earn

Sign up

You will receive 200 'Bucks' just for signing up. That was easy; like shooting a doe...when all you have is a buck tag.


Receive 5 'Bucks' for every $1 spent. Thats equivalent to 5% back on every purchase


Earn 25 'Bucks' for sharing on social media, or following CATCHIN' DEERS.


Earn 50 'Bucks' for a product review. It's science. 

How to redeem

Click the 'Hunt Camp Rewards' icon in the bottom corner of your screen. On the panel. click Sign In, enter your email and password, and then use the panel to check your points balance, refer a friend or redeem points. 

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